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Mandatory note in line with § 5 TMG


ELSA-Bayreuth e.V.
Universitätsstraße 30, Gebäude RW
E-Mail: infoelsa-bayreuthde


ELSA-Bayreuth e.V. is legally represented by the President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer.

President: Adrian Strahm, presidentelsa-bayreuthde
Secretary General: Neele Amalie Hartel, secgenelsa-bayreuthde
Treasurer: Clemens Kahrs, treasurerelsa-bayreuthde


Registry of Associations: Bayreuth, No. 882


Responsible under § 55 II RStV:

Eva-Maria Buchholz - Vice President for Marketing (vpmarketingelsa-bayreuthde)


Contact Person concerning Privacy Protection:

Neele Amalie Hartel - Secretary General (secgenelsa-bayreuthde)


Informations about used pictures:


Picture of the "Eremitage" on the front page: © Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung -, Maria Scherf, Ulrich Pfeuffer, München

Caption: Bayreuth, Eremitage, Neues Schloss mit großem Parterre


Many thanks to the department of Press, Marketing & Communications of the University of Bayreuth for the pictures of our Campus.